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Laguna Love

Why I Love Laguna

Mike Johnson

My idea of a perfect Sunday morning involves a newspaper, a boardwalk, and a beach. There isn’t a better place to park my be-hind then one of the many benches at Laguna’s Main Beach. The setting is always picture postcard perfect, the weather is amazing 29 days out of 30, and you just never know who or what may pass by – friends, celebrities, skateboarding pups, or Olympic volleyball players. It’s the epitome of the Laguna lifestyle – funky (the sand pyramid building Frisbee man) to active (always a basketball game going on). Best of all, it’s almost impossible to be unhappy when sitting on Laguna’s Main Beach boardwalk.

Agent Mike Johnson
Agent Paulo Prieto

Why I Love Laguna

Paulo Prietto

It’s really hard to choose a favorite place in Laguna because I love so many different places in Laguna. If I had to choose one, I would have to say that taking my family down to Victoria Beach during the Spring and Fall seasons is the best. It is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve been to in the whole world and it’s a place where the entire family has a good time.

Why I Love Laguna

Nick Hooper

The weather in Laguna Beach makes every day a golf day, and there is no better place to play than the Ranch (Ben Browns). What’s not to love about the best nine hole golf course in Orange County, The Ranch is an awesome place to play, surrounded by the majestic canyons on either side – this course is peaceful yet challenging. I love to take my kids and play a quick nine at the end of a day, or meet up with friends for drinks and then play. After a round, the terrace and restaurant are a great place to unwind. That’s what I love about Laguna.

Agent Nick Hooper
Agent Inge Bunn

Why I Love Laguna

Inge Bunn

I love walking along the cliffs in Laguna Beach with my pug, Louie, every morning and every evening. The fresh ocean air, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and the neighbors and friends I meet are an invaluable part of this wonderful community. Walking through Heisler park above the beautiful coves, and walking to the restaurants shops and art galleries enriches my quality of life in Laguna.

Why I Love Laguna

Sylvia Ames

There are so many things about Laguna that contribute to why I feel so fortunate to live here. The coastline, the sunsets, and the people are all huge loves for me here. One of my favorite places to enjoy all of the above (and more!)is Alta Laguna. With the beautiful park, challenging hiking trails, and ever changing panoramic vistas, I find myself heading up the hill on a regular basis and it always fills my heart with gratitude.

Agent Sylvia Ames
Agent Andrew Graff

Why I Love Laguna

Andrew Graff

There is something extremely charming about walking quietly with my dogs through the streets of Wood’s Cove. Vibrant colors from amazing gardens, unique architecture and friendly neighbors that are found throughout Laguna Beach are just a few of the reasons that drew me to this magical place.